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We are iMind Your Business

iMind Your Business are a modern & dynamic back office outsourcing agency providing services to startups, small and medium sized companies.

We strongly believe that companies of all sizes should have access to all the latest technology to help make running their company efficient and profitable and not just to those that can justify full time senior finance and IT staff.

Our range of services cover nearly all back office duties either in-house or via our network or pre-approved partners.



Part Time Finance Director

Not all companies can justify recruiting a full time Finance Director, so with our service you can use us as often or little as you like.
A few of the areas we can help are:

  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Forecasts & Budgets
  • Project management
  • Year end shut down
  • Non exec Director

Startup consultancy

Just launched a great venture and looking for some outside perspective & advice?  Maybe needing support to create a forecast, budget or business plan?  Perhaps just needing some guidance on getting the back office running smoothly and efficiently?

Our passion is working with Startups and we have a number of ways of making it affordable or even free depending on the nature of the project.

Contact us today to see how we can help.

Turnaround support

All companies have rocky times due to the economy, staffing & many other uncontrollable influences.

What’s important is identifying the ‘dip’ as quick as possible and reacting.

Alongside Startups, one of our main areas of consultancy is with turnaround clients.  We help identify key metrics causing the drop in profit, tighter cashflow and work closely with you to react accordingly.

Again, we have pricing structures that mean our support is affordable or maybe even free.

Cloud Bookkeeping

Our streamlined fully cloud based bookkeeping service is simple and affordable.  Simply send us your invoices via our shared document system and we will process your monthly accounts & provide Management Reports showing at a glance information on your company.
We can work alongside your current accountant or refer you to one of our approved partners who we work closely with.

Credit Control

Credit control can be an awkward task within small companies. On one hand you are dealing with your clients daily and trying to increase sales and margins but then you have to call and ask why they are overdue.

Not to worry, our services are all modular and you just use us for what and when you need it.  Why not have us do just your credit control or even just for a few months until the ledger is running efficiently.

Invoice Finance Management

Invoice Finance can be an effective way of generating working capital to enable growth and expansion or just improve cashflow in general.

It can however be expensive and confusing.  With over 17 years managing Invoice Finance accounts, we are in a prime position to source quotes for you, deal with on-boarding and ‘go live’, complete month end returns and manage the facility in general.

Web Design

Our web design service is quite unique and geared towards micro and small businesses without the standard budget for bespoke webdesign which starts from around £3000. Our websites are predesigned on WordPress using templates and are fixed price and bought ‘ready to go’.

We simply upload your text and change the images and your website is done.

Secure Back Office Systems

Efficiency is vital to running a profitable and successful company.

With the wide range of affordable and scaleable web based applications, technology is now available to businesses of all sizes. We can recommend and onboard you with wide range of applications including accounting, email & collaboration, sales & CRM, HR & payroll, Time tracking and sales invoicing, Expense management.

Email & webhosting

Your email and website are critical applications within your communications infrastructure and are often overlooked and left on poor and inefficient services. We work with industry leading Google’s Gsuite service to provide you with a cutting edge, secure and reliable email, communication and collaboration platform.

We can also provide fast, secure and reliable website hosting for your already launched websites or those purchase direct from us.


In a nutshell,  we understand how small businesses operate because we are one. We know that as a startup or small business you have limited, or more often than not no budget for back office operations hence our services are provided in affordable and modular packages.

You can switch us on and off as and when you like.  Need maternity, paternity or just holiday cover?  No problem.  Need us for an overdraft application? No problem.

Our services are as bespoke as you need them.

Individual Approach

We look at each client on it’s own merits and provide tailored advice and services bespoke to the project.

Modern Technologies

Modern technology is now affordable and accessible to all sizes of company.  Industry leading applications like Xero are fully featured and a fraction of the price of traditional applications like Sage.

Complex Solutions

No matter how simple or complex your business setup is, we will work with you to ensure your back office processes are seamless and efficient and just as importantly not breaking the bank

Limited Time Offer!

Great introductory offers coming soon!


Our services can be tailored to companies of all sizes no matter how long you’ve been trading or what size turnover you have. We currently work with clients ranging from startup to £5 million turnover.


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First Contact

Complete our Contact Us form below or give us a call and we will discuss your basic requirements.

Discussion & Planning

Once we have identified your immediate needs, one of our specialists will be in touch to discuss your project in more depth and gain a full understanding of your requirements.

We will work alongside you to agree a plan that ensures your goals are met within affordable parameters.

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Final Strategy

We will present a final project strategy to you for review and amend as appropriate.

This will include details of all services and applications proposed and a timeline of when to deploy and implement each one.


We will work alongside you and our partners to implement and on-board the agreed applications and services ensuring a smooth transition at each step of the project.


If you prefer, we are more than happy to manage the ongoing systems to ensure they are effective and utilised to their maximum potential.  We can run regular checks on their performance and to ensure your team are updated on newly released features.


We would love to hear from you. Drop us a quick message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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